Summer of Geoff
Geoff Ramsey is a founding member of Rooster Teeth Productions, host of the podcast F**k Face and co-founder of the gaming channel Achievement Hunter. If you had to describe his personal aesthetic it would be punk rock. His line of namesake merchandise under Rooster Teeth has always been defined as an outlier from the rest of the otherwise gaming/inside reference subject matter, instead touching on abstract, esoteric, skate culture, even nautical design themes. He always has a vision for the direction of his next capsule and for the summer of 2018 he wanted to explore skulls, ice cream and surf. The simple flash tattoo-esque skull popsicle (Pop Sick) design ended up being such a major success that it resulted in not just remixes and different merch applications ad nauseum but its own "Pop Sick Multiverse" collection spanning across aesthetics like hardcore metal, anime-pop, and American traditional tattoo.

Photography by Wes Ellis.


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