The holidays are of huge importance for e-commerce so the Rooster Teeth Store and Marketing Department always puts a concerted effort towards a higher concept, bespoke holiday ad campaign. 2019's campaign was no exception with the over-the-top theme of parodying 80's action movies. I was responsible for the campaign's art direction, writing and designing the campaign's style guide which the Art and Photography departments used to source costumes, props, and poses. I was then responsible for creating master designs for every sale (in the form of emails) that my fellow designers reformatted for ad sizes. I also edited, wrote, and punched-up copy for all emails. The biggest challenge was simply the pace of the project. Deadlines were very tight with one master design due every day so I would start the day with photos of talent shot against green screen and end with a finished email, approved and ready to hand off for ad reformatting. Overall the project was very fun getting to create such a variety of silly and explosive graphics.

All photography by the great Wes Ellis.


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