Full Lockup (2020)

“Achievement” was dropped from the show’s title after their first season to distinguish the show as not just for Achievement Hunter fans and so have better mass appeal. The mark is a testament to how serious Haunter takes itself as a scary show. The mark is a bruised and scuffed ghost fleeing with terror from what can only be the show hosts. All elements were rendered by hand. The logotype is blunt, thick, and a little warped, just like their ghost-hunting methodology.
Full Lockup and Badge (2018)

Haunter’s initial brand rationale came from its parent brand, Achievement Hunter. Elements paid homage to AH including its green color scheme, a circular mark, and stars present in the badge treatment of the full lock-up.
During its development stage “Haunter” was plural. These are some lock-ups from that time. The pentagram/devil net shapes that replaced the “A” and the ghost that formed a star were some personal favorite ideas since they paid homage to Achievement Hunter’s star logo.
We went through a variety of ghost styles before arriving at our final solution, a blend of Casper The Friendly Ghost, Oogie Boogie, and Ghostbusters.
Key Art and Promotional Graphics

I was responsible for establishing the show’s graphic style and creating SVOD graphics, social media graphics, and email campaigns. Photography by Wes Ellis.
Tin Sign and Coloring Page

Illustrations I created including custom lettering for a tin sign and a line art coloring page fans could download through social media and fill in themselves.


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