Flint, a "new American" restaurant located in the ground floor of the Colcord Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City, was launching a new series of dining and entertainment experiences on their spacious patio simply titled, "Events on The Patio". At liquidfish, I was tasked with coming up with the branding and marketing for these events. My main goal was to create a brand that drew from and respected Flint's core brand (designed by Landor).
"Events On The Patio" Mark Variations
The Stag
The stag head had always been an iconic part of Flint's atmosphere, but its role really only extended as far as “overseer of the bar.” However, it seemed on a whim its silhouette had been utilized in The Patio’s decor on beanbag toss boards. I found that to be a perfect opportunity to further take advantage of its silhouette and fully embrace it as an official mark for Events On The Patio.

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